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The Lake County Camera Club invites anyone who is interested in expanding their enjoyment of photography to join us, no matter the level of your photographic experience, from beginner to expert, and everything in between. There is no better way to learn and improve your skill than to dive in and put it into action. Our club will provide a forum for you to enhance your skills with seminars and programs on many photographic subjects. We will challenge you with our competitions and you will receive critiques by experienced photography judges.

Check out our calendar and schedule a visit. If you decide to join, the yearly club dues are $35 per person and $10 for each additional family member.  Family members include:  spouse and children or stepchildren (up to the age of 21).  Yearly club dues are prorated accordingly throughout the remainder of the year:  starting in March, dues are $18 per person and $5 for each additional family member and starting in June, dues are $10 per person and $3 for each additional family member.  All advice and information exchanged during, before and after the meetings is free of charge to those willing to listen. However, a fee may be charged for special programs. In this instanced, advance notice will be given. All members are required to complete, in full, a membership form. Dues are due at the September meeting or at the next competition.

Club Membership Forms: PDF or Word formats.

Make your payment online through PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal Account. You can charge the amount to your credit card or your bank debit card. PayPal provides this special service to Non Profit and Not for Profit customers. You also have the open to bring to a scheck and pay at any of our monthly meetings.

PayPal for New Members Dues

Programs are scheduled throughout the season.  Topics of interest for the program meetings range from technical discussions of photography to post processing techniques to subjects about specialized photography. These are great opportunities to learn and improve.

Another fun activity is the photo excursion; we go as a group to local photogenic sites each month of the year. You will be amazed to find out how different the end-results are even when the shooters are only a few feet away from each other. If you have a question, the group has an answer.

As well, at the end of each year, we have a Year End Party and Competition where we enjoy building our social relationships to the next level. No matter if you treat photography as a hobby or as a business, you will get friendly encouragement and support from the group. Friendships will grow with others who also enjoy photography.

The club offers to its members a monthly or qualterly newsletter. In each newsletter you can expect to find a snapshot of what our club is like; what we do, the fun we have, the things we learn; the places we shoot. You will also see the individual successes of our members in inter-club and CACCA competitions and in photography as a whole.

We meet at the University Center, 1200 University Drive, Grayslake, IL