Print Image Submissions

These links are to PDF documents or videos.  Video presentations are between 10 and 20 minutes long. All videos are streaming and therefore do not have to be downloaded.
  Blue Dot Print Image Rules and Guidelines for LCCC and CACCA Competitions - PDF
Putting Borders on Print Images for LCCC and CACCA Competitions:
  (Does not apply to PSA.)
  Blue Dot Using Lightroom - Video 14 mins.
  Blue Dot Using Photoshop - Video 18 mins.
    Blue Dot Using Photoshop - PDF
  Blue Dot Using Photoshop Elements - Video 20 mins.
  Blue Dot Using Aperture on a Mac - PDF
  Blue Dot Using Fsviewer (freeware)
    Blue Dot Downloading Fsviewer
Mounting a Printed Image on a Mat Board:
  Blue Dot Using Double-sided Scrap booking Tape - Video 15 mins.
Submitting a Print Image for Club / CACCA Competitions:
  Blue Dot Club Competitions - Video 8.5 mins.
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