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The Lake County Camera Club (LCCC) was founded in the early 60's by dedicated photographic artists for the purpose of enjoyment of the skills and craft inherent in this endeavor. Through sharing of our avocation, friendships are made and strengthened that will endure forever. One of the goals of the LCCC is to have fun at doing what is enjoyable in the spirit of friendly competition and sharing of knowledge. To this end, the club meetings are friendly and open, conducted in a casual atmosphere where everyone is welcome to participate as fully as they like. Our mission; to promote, teach and share the ideas, skills, techniques and good practices of the art of photography and the use of cameras and photographic equipment. The Lake County Camera Club currently meets on the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Our season begins in September and continues through August. Join Us!

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NOTE: All club activities and meetings have been suspended due to the COVID 19 virus pandemic. We will be holding Zoom meetings until further notice.

We are continuing our monthly Challenge, Excursions and our PSA image submissions for Nature, Projected Image Division, Photojournalism and Travel competitions.

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